We care about our customers

People in and around Colorado Springs, CO have come to rely on TAC Tile. We’ve been serving Colorado Springs residents with custom tile installation solutions for more than 37 years. We pride ourselves in being dependable for our customers because we know good customer service is the cornerstone to good business. We never leave a job unfinished and we’re not satisfied until our customers are. We take pride that so much of our business comes from referrals of our customers to others. Don’t settle for run of the mill tile work , call TAC Tile for high quality professional work.



We offer 5-star quality company providing top-notch work to all of our clients. Every single project gets the utmost care and attention. We will make your dream a reality.

Skilled Craftsmen

Whether it's a custom kitchen backsplash or a complete bathroom makeover, our team is able to meet all expectations and more. We take great pride in our craft and look forward to wowing you with our service.

5 Star Quality

TAC Tile is a professional tiling contractor that provides only top quality work. From beginning to end, we offer high-quality service and workmanship. We rely on people’s opinions of our work to obtain new customers, that’s why we care so much about your experience with us.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer service is so strong that many of our first time customers become life long customers. Many of those customers recommend us to their friends and neighbors and they do it for a reason. We believe in old fashioned principles like hard work, integrity, and honesty because at the end of the day if we don’t have these things, we have nothing.

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